Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wishing you and your families a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. NQ Surgical Dentistry will be closed until the 9th of January 2017. Thank you for all your support in 2016 and we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New...
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Women & Oral Health – Dental Health Week

All About Women this Dental Health Week 2016 Dental Health Week 2016 (1-7 August) is fast approaching and this year’s theme is “Women’s Dental and Oral Health”.  It is a great opportunity for all women to explore what oral and dental issues relate particularly to...
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50 years and beyond – Dental issues to be aware of

Improvements in dental health for patients 50 years and older. For Australians who have access to dental care and can afford regular dental examinations/treatments when required, it is likely that the current generation in the workforce will retain a large number of...
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Snoring & Sleep Apnoea (OSA) Explained

Snoring key points: Snoring is extremely common resulting from partial collapse of the soft tissues around the upper airway and is often associated with OSA Snoring is a frequent cause of bedroom-stress due to difficulty of partner sleeping Snoring often results in a...
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40s & loving it – what dental issues to be aware of

In your 40s, there is much dental work to be aware of There are a number of oral health issues that can arise in your 40s. Unfortunately, dental work doesn’t last forever, so this is the decade when you might expect some tooth repairs. Replacing old fillings There are...
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30s and beyond – What dental issues to expect.

Your 30s and beyond - What dental issues to Expect.  There are a number of oral health issues that you may experience in your 30s.  These can arise for a number of reasons. Dental neglect in adolescence During your 30s is the time when dental repercussions arise from...
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20s and beyond – Damage caused in your Youth

In your 20s, some lifestyle choices can have consequences to your dental health.  As a young adult in your 20s, you may indulge in behaviour that tests the boundaries of your oral health without realising the long-term effects. Testing your dental boundaries You have...
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Failing teeth and what can be done? Part 2

There are solutions for your failing teeth, and part two aims to briefly outline all your options The most attractive options for an increasing number of people is an advanced approach that more and more patients are choosing to replace failing teeth.  The options...
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Failing teeth and how this happens? Part 1

Do you have failing teeth? If you have failing teeth affected by extensive dental decay or severe gum disease and you are worried about the prospect of losing your natural teeth, then this 2 part article series should provide you with some hope that you could have a...
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Oral Hygiene after Surgery FAQs – Part 4

In this final part, we look at oral hygiene, diet and is salt water useful? In part three we looked at what medication you can take at home, what to do about bleeding and when your stitches can be removed. In this, the final part, we look at oral hygiene, your diet,...
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Bleeding after Surgery FAQs – Part 3

In part three we look at - what to do about bleeding at home, what medication you can and can’t take and when can stitches be removed. Q. What should I do if I start bleeding later at home after dental surgery? Rarely is post-operative bleeding severe after dental...
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Swelling and Post-Operative FAQs – Part 2

Part two of our series looks at how to deal with swelling and infection post-operatively If you read this and feel there is an area of information on swelling or post-operative care that we have left out, please contact us and we can address the information you would...
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Pain & Dental Surgery After-Care FAQs – Part 1

In this 4 part series, we will look at some of the most commonly asked questions about dental surgery after-care If you read this and feel there is an area of information we have left out about after-care dental surgery and pain, please contact us and we can address...
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Crowns: What dental crown is right for you?

Dental Crowns There appears to be a great deal of confusion amongst some patients over what crowns are, why they are used and the different types of crowns that exist.  This article aims to clear up this confusion and provide a clear overview of the use of crowns in...
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Drugs: Adverse effects of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Drugs and Associated Risks There has been some discussion over the risk of an association between non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and a number of adverse side effects. These adverse effects include the following: hypertension (raised blood pressure)...
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Sports drinks, nutritional products and your mouth

Decay and tooth erosion in young people Dental decay and tooth erosion are two very common conditions that continue to affect an increasing number of young Australians.  Sadly the increase in prevalence in the young is in part due to the increasing use of sports...
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Steroid medications: Effects

Steroid Medications The final post in our “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions” is on patients who routinely take steroid medications. Steroid medications are rarely used in dentistry, but in general medicine, they...
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Codeine sensitivity or allergy

Codeine and its Effects.  The next article in our “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions” series discusses Codeine sensitivity or allergy in patients and alternative medications you can take to reduce pain. If you have...
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Angina medications and dental treatment

Angina Mediation & Dental Treatments Post 7 in the “Medications and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions” series discusses Angina medications and how to manage them with dental treatment. Heart-related chest pain, also known as...
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Anticoagulant & anti-platelet medications

Anticoagulant and Anti-Platelet Medications In this post of our “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions” series we discuss anticoagulant and anti-platelet medications. Many patients with cardiac problems take either...
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Cardiac disease influencing dental management

Cardiac Disease and Implementing Dental Management for Surgery In post 5 of our “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions” series we discuss cardiac disease and its impacts on dental management. In an attempt to prevent an...
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Replacement of knees & hips influences treatment

Knee or Hip Replacement and how it may impact your Dental Treatment and Management.  This next post in our “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions” series discusses how knee or hip replacement surgery can impact your...
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Dental extractions or surgery after radiation therapy of the head and neck

In this post of our “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions“ series we are discussing dental surgery after radiation therapy. It is important that we consider such therapy when deciding on your treatment plan....
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Diabetes and dental treatment or surgery

August 11, 2015 Following on from our previous post, this is article three in our “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions“ series. This article discusses diabetes and how it influences dental treatment. If you are coming...
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Osteoporosis medication influences dental extractions and dental surgery

As discussed in the introductory article “Medication and Dental Surgery: How your medical history influences treatment decisions” it is important that you are open and up to date with your dentist on the medications you are taking. Some medications, for specific...
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Welcome to NQ Surgical Dentistry
Dental Implants, Periodontics & Oral Surgery Townsville QLD

The friendly team at our Townsville practice will make you feel right at home and look forward to offering you a high quality personal service in the areas of gum disease treatment (periodontics), dental and oral surgery (including removal of wisdom teeth, soft tissue surgery, frenectomies, crown lengthening surgery) and surgical and restorative phases of implant dentistry.


NQ Surgical Dentistry the home of Professional Dental Care

Your comfort is our priority

We provide a dental home of safe, calm and relaxing atmosphere for everyone in the practice and offer the very highest standard of patient care. Whether you are in need of wisdom tooth removal or dental implant treatment our friendly team will work to provide you with the best in care. Our ultimate goal in patient care is to always exceed your expectations.

Exceeding your expectations

At NQ Surgical Dentistry we will provide you with a positive experience at every visit. We do this through a combination of the highest levels of personalised care and the most modern equipment, techniques and materials available. Dr Priestland is qualified to carry out surgical treatments and his hygienist offers quality care and instructions to help you before, during and after treatment.

Education is key

We are passionate about ensuring you understand the nature of your dental problem and the ways in which we can help you. We promote excellent communication and answer all questions completely and honestly. After treatment either Dr Priestland or our dental hygienist will explain the best way to continue looking after your oral health.

NQ Surgical Dentistry

Dr Priestland is on call 365 days per year. In an emergency (post-surgery) refer to your after care instructions for phone details.

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