Regeneration of lost bone is now possible
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Bone Surgery

Healthy bone is required to support healthy gums

Bone is the major supporting structure for the oral tissues, lips, cheeks, and face. Healthy correctly contoured bone is, therefore, essential for an attractive appearance. Following injury, teeth may be injured or lost and the bone supporting the teeth may also be damaged. Following such trauma extensive bone remodeling or bone surgery and regeneration may be required as part of the dental reconstruction necessary to return to a healthy and attractive smile along with normal function.

What is bone surgery?

Occasionally bone recontouring is required as part of the overall treatment of gum disease. Although the vast majority of gum disease therapy should be non-surgical.

It is now possible to encourage the body to regenerate lost bone using various grafting techniques. This is an area of surgery in which Dr. Priestland has a particular interest and considerable training and experience.

Infection and inflammation in the jaws will also destroy bone. Once the infection or inflammation has been eliminated, it may be necessary for the support of the remaining teeth or implants to regenerate the lost bone, recreating the original shape of the jaw bone and thereby restoring health, form, and function.

If you have received any injury to your teeth or jaw, a consult with Dr. Colin Priestland should be considered. Call NQ Surgical Dentistry today to book your appointment.


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