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Wisdom Teeth Removal and Surgical Extraction

Are your wisdom teeth impacting your day-to-day activities?

Don’t put up with the pain and infection anymore

At NQ Surgical Dentistry we aim to remove problem wisdom teeth to keep our patients comfortable and in optimum dental health. We offer sedation dentistry options and Dr. Priestland is a skilled dental surgeon with 35 years of experience.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, normally erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Since the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt there is often no room left to accommodate their size into the already crowded jaw. This is because—over the centuries—our diet has changed from an abrasive diet to one that is refined and causes very little wear to our teeth. As a result, the wisdom teeth have little room into which they can erupt hence up to 75% of people have to face wisdom tooth removal.

Why is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Some people have no problems with their wisdom teeth while others develop painful conditions including an infection that require removal of the wisdom tooth. In many cases, wisdom teeth erupt into a position making them very difficult to clean and consequently gum disease may develop. This is a further reason why, so often, wisdom teeth have to be removed.

Other reasons for extracting teeth

Your adult teeth should last a lifetime but there are several reasons why teeth may need to be extracted, including damage from injury, decay, gum disease, infection and in cases of crowding as part of orthodontic treatment. Frequently, such infection may be successfully treated by root canal therapy. In the situation where an infection is too extensive, even root canal therapy may fail, allowing the infection to spread further requiring tooth extraction.

Frequently, such infection may be successfully treated by root canal therapy. In the case of infection of teeth resulting g from extensive decay, root canal therapy may offer an effective treatment and can be provided either by your general dentist or a specialist know, as an endodontist.

Some dental infections will not respond favourably to root canal therapy leaving no alternative other than tooth removal and surgical curettage of the infected lesion.

Your consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Priestland, he will assess your general health recording all medical history and any medication, both prescribed and “over the counter” preparations. He will assess your particular problem by a combination of clinical and X-ray assessment and provide some options for treatment. Once you understand the various options and the risks and benefits of those options, you will be invited to provide informed consent for your chosen treatment approach.


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