Offering individualized dental care for anxious & phobic patients

Do you have a “built-in” fear of the dentist?

You are not alone; it is an extremely common problem! It often results from unsympathetic handling of patients when they were children or treatment provided by dentists who had little understanding of how a nervous patient feels, and not taking the time to find out what causes the patient’s fear or what particular part of the dental experience upsets them. But dentistry has changed.

For some it is an all-consuming fear or phobia and the patient has no idea what sets it off. This is a true phobia and has to be managed by using sedation or general anaesthesia as a day case. However, every aspect of dental care can be provided through Dr Colin Priestland who has a day surgery operating list at the Mater Hospital Day Unit every Wednesday. He provides paediatric dental treatment and general dental treatment for adult patients on this list in addition to oral surgery and implant surgery.

For some patients, it may be the sound of the suction or the drill and the fear of waiting for the drill to hit the nerve. Of course nowadays, the anaesthetics we use are so advanced that the nerve is completely numb and there is absolutely no chance of the tooth being painful during treatment. But, anxiety is hard to overcome even when reassured and many patients avoid dental examination or treatment preferring to leave their dental cavities to get bigger, and infection to develop. This leads to the need for tooth extractions and more extensive dental treatment; that of course is the one thing the patient wants to avoid.

So what can we do to help ……..

At NQ Surgical Dentistry we offer a tailored solution for each patient taking into account the cause of dental anxiety.

Intravenous sedation can be provided in the practice by Dr Priestland who is endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency for the provision of Intravenous sedation. Patient can be treated in the practice without the need to go into hospital or a Day Surgery Unit. This makes treatment far more affordable.


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