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What does this involve?

    1. The removal of gum tissue to reduce the pocket depths and make the pockets shallower and easier to clean. This is known as Pocket Reduction Surgery.
    2. If the bone around the teeth is uneven and making the gum bulky, re-contouring of the bone may be required to assist in achieving a more normal anatomy and more accessible shape for home cleaning, known as Osseous Re-contouring.
    3. In some cases the bone loss around roots may lend itself to the provision of bone grafting or the regeneration of lost tissue using “bio-engineering”, known as Periodontal or Bone Regeneration Techniques.
    4. Some patients have suffered extensive or localised gum recession and this may require correction by the application of Connective Tissue Grafts using connective tissue harvested from the patient or the use of Freeze Dried Tissue Allograft material.

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