Pre-prosthetic Surgery

Patients who need dentures often also require preparation of the gum and underlying bone to provide a stable foundation to support the denture

An example of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery, often patients have excessive soft tissues at the back of the upper jaw and may have uneven bone where they have lost teeth in the lower jaw. If dentures are provided on these  unsuitable foundations, then the compressible soft tissues in the upper posterior area and the rough and uneven bone in the lower jaw will allow the denture to move during function leading to rubbing, ulceration of the gum and pain while using the dentures to eat.

Pre-prosthetic surgery can remove the excessive soft tissues and smooth the uneven bone leaving a firm smooth foundation for the denture which will fit better, move less and hence provide better service to the wearer.

Some patients have boney enlargements on the tongue surface of the lower jaw or in the palate.  These are called Tori. Such boney expansions make it impossible for the dentures to seat comfortably and hence they need to be removed prior to the placement of dentures. This type of surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia as a day case.

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All surgery carries inherent risks and complications and it is especially important that you understand and accept these risks prior to proceeding. This may include seeking a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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