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No Referral Required

The friendly team at our Townsville practice will make you feel right at home and look forward to offering you a high quality personal service in the areas of gum disease treatment (periodontics), dental and oral surgery (including the removal of wisdom teeth, soft tissue surgery, frenectomies, & crown lengthening surgery) and surgical and restorative phases of dental implant surgery.

Australian Dental Association Member


At NQ Surgical Dentistry Townsville, the family dental surgery, our patients have the convenience of making a consultation with us, without the need for a referral. All you need to do for a dentist consultation is contact us and book with Dr.Priestland.


As Dr. Colin Priestland is a general dentist with a practice limited to oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal, periodontics, oral hygiene, and dental implants, with no referral is required.


Townsville’s Friendly Dentist

To find out more about how NQ Surgical Dentistry can help you, or to book a consultation, contact us on

(07) 4725 1656

Your comfort is our priority

We provide a safe, calm and relaxing atmosphere for everyone in the practice and offer the very highest standard of patient care. Whether you are in need of wisdom teeth removal or dental implant treatment our friendly team will work to provide you with the best in care. Our ultimate goal in patient care is to always exceed your expectations.

Exceeding your expectations

At NQ Surgical Dentistry Townsville we will provide you with a positive experience at every visit. We do this through a combination of the highest levels of personalised care and the most modern equipment, techniques and materials available. Dr Priestland is qualified to carry out surgical treatments and his hygienist offers quality care and instructions to help you before, during and after treatment.

Education is Key

We are passionate about ensuring you understand the nature of your dental problem and the ways in which we can help you. We promote excellent communication and answer all questions completely and honestly. After treatment either Dr Priestland or our dental hygienist will explain the best way to continue looking after your oral health


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